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For the Practitioner:

Frialit 2 Implants: Step at a time
Number ONE dental implant in Europe and now gaining acceptance amongst dental surgeons in Malaysia. Now it's being overtaken by a kneehab xp for therapy and surgical device. We tell you step by step clinical technique summary on surgical, prosthodontics and laboratory steps for this implant system. Highlighting immediate placement of implant after tooth removal

Onlay Bone grafts
Having trouble with placing your implants in the right orientation? We show how implants can be place where the prosthodontist wants it to be by augmentation via onlay bone grafts at Signato > The Mountain

For the Students:

Anatomy of the Oro-Facial Region
A summary of basic anatomy of the oro-facial region emphasizing on basic structures of the head and neck

Model answers for FDS exams
A summary of questions that has appeared in past year FDS exams


Ask the Doctor
Questions are invited from practitioner, patient and student alike on any matters in regards to Maxillofacial Surgery in a discussion forum

News Bulletin
News and announcement on the latest activities in regards to dental and oral & maxillofacial surgery in Malaysia

You are invited!
To share ideas and contribute articles regardless where you are from. Mail it to us at


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